No clothes, no attitude Gaygogo is a community group for men
in the Hannover / Bielefeld area into getting
with other guys.

We're a group of men who like to hook up for BBQ parties. We are open to gay, straight, bi and curious men and our group is not defined by any sexual preference. If you're passionate about being nude yet have nowhere to be naked... or even if you're a little nervous about being naked around other men, this group is for you. There is a strict no-sex policy at the functions.

We have a naked outdoor event every month. Most of our events take place across the Hannover / OWL area and we're growing all the time, but we need always need more members , more venues and more party hosts so please do get in touch!!

You might already have been to one of our BBQ parties, heard about us on another site or you might even have found us through a search engine, all the same we're glad you're here! You are welcome to contact us.


Do you dislike wearing clothes all of the time?
Do you enjoy skinny dipping?
Do you enjoy nude sunbathing?
Do you enjoy the feeling of the warm sun and the cool water caressing your naked body?
Do you enjoy camping or hiking in the nude?
Do you seek out clothing-optional guest houses when you vacation?
Do you enjoy running around the house au natural?
Do you enjoy sleeping in the nude?
Do you enjoy watching other naked guys?
Do you consider yourself a nudist?
Do you just have a natural curiosity about nudity?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then GayGoGo is the group for you. The pleasures of camping, swimming, sunbathing, sports, and the feeling of closeness with nature are greatly increased when done in the nude. The enjoyment of all this is increased when shared with others.

GayGoGo is an independent nudist social group for guys of all ages. We welcome all gay, bi-sexual, or gay-friendly males, over the age of 18, who enjoy the naturist/nudist lifestyle and/or many of the aspects thereof. We are based between Hannover and Bielefeld.

We maintain and encourage ties with the naturist community. Enjoy the naturist lifestyle and the camaraderie of participating in nude recreational and social activities with like-minded friends.

We usually meet once a month and they are range from BBQ lunch and dinner, themed party, and dance party.

This is a gay nudist social group, NOT a sex group.

This group is run as a circle of friends, which means there is NO membership fee, and the cost of the events is shared among us.
Hallo wir sind eine im Aufbau befindliche schwule Nudistengruppe im Raum OWL/Hannover.
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